Global sustainability and the Responsibilities of Universities (2012)

In Books, Glion by Weber

Luc E. Weber and James J. Duderstadt (eds)
Economica, Glion Colloquium Series Nr. 7, London, Paris, Genève

The VIII Glion Colloquium was held in June 2011 to consider the roles that could be played by the world’s research universities in addressing the various challenges of global sustainability in the broadest sense, e.g., climate, environmental, economic, health, poverty and geopolitical. Of particular interest was the degree to which the imperatives of global sustainability were driving change in higher education around the world. This included considerations not only of how research universities were adapting to the imperatives of global sustainability (e.g., social diversity, resource management, academic programs, research and scholarship), but also how they could develop new curricula, student experiences, research paradigms, social engagement and international alliances to better address the challenges of global sustainability, while producing globally identified citizens. The Colloquium also considered longer-term possibilities that might pose even greater threats to global sustainability and how universities could prepare their graduates for such eventualities.