In Book chapter and journal paper, Higher Education and Research, OTHER PUBLICATIONS/REPORTS by Luc Weber

Published in (pp. 178-196) Weber L. M. et Duderstadt, J. J. (eds) Reinventing the Research University, Economica, Glion Colloquium Series Nr. 3, London, Paris, Genvève, (2004)

The climate of increasing competition which strongly influences the daily business of universities in their basic missions of research, teaching and service to society is made particularly challenging today as it has become more and more difficult for universities to secure sufficient funding. This is as true in Europe as it is in North America. While in the
1950s, 1960s and, to some extent, in the 1970s, the massive growth of universities was made possible by increasing financial support by the State, different types of sponsors and, almost exclusively in the United States, the students themselves, securing sufficient funding has now become much more difficult. This has serious consequences for universities as they are forced to
adapt to their rapidly changing environment with financial resources lagging behind requirements, and, in some cases, even diminishing…