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Evaluations, audit & accreditations

Institutional Evaluations

• (1996) University of Siegen (Germany)
(1996) Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) (Belgium)
• (1997) University of Minho (Portugal),
(1997) Free university of Brussels (ULB) (Belgium), as chair
• (1998) University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil),
• (1999) University of Liège (Belgium) as chair,
• (2003) University of Franche-Comté in Besançon, (France), as chair
• (2004) Czech Technical University in Prague, (Czech Republic) as chair
• (2004) University of Nancy I Henri Poincaré (France), as chair
(2004) Trinity College Dublin, (Ireland) as chair
• (2004) National University of Ireland, Galway, as chair
• (2005) University of Liège, as chair
• (2007) University of Aveiro, as chair
• (2008) University of Mainz, as chair
(2009) Universities of Strasbourg, as chair
• (2009 – 2010) Tohoku University, Sendai, (Japan), as chair
• 2011) The Universities of the “Grande Region” (network of 7 universities in 4 countries), as chair

University of Lausanne

• (2006) Evaluation of the Business school (HEC), as chair
• (2008) Evaluation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, as chair
• (2013) Evaluation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, as chair

Tempus Project, EU

• (2007) Evaluation of the University Mohammed V – Rabat, Morocco, as chair

French Agency (AERES)

(2008) Institut d’études politiques (Sciences Po)
(2009)Paris V Descartes

German Rector’s Conference

• (2010) Universities of Constance
• (2010) Applied science University of Munich
• (2010) Applied science University of Mannheim
• (2011) University of Hamburg
• (2012) University of Cottbus, with follow-up in 2013
• (2012) University of Ulm
• (2013) University of Marburg
• (2014) University of Bamberg
• (2014) University of Passau

As an advisor

(2010) Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
• (2013 University of Oldenburg (Germany)
• 2014) EUCOR university network (Universities of Strasbourg and Mulhouse (France), Karlsruhe and Freiburg in Brisgau (Germany), Basel (Switzerland)

Austrian Accreditation Council for private universities (2001-13)

• MODUL Private University, Vienna
• PEF Private University for Management
• Sigmund Freund Private University
• Webster College, Vienna Campus

German Science Council in the framework of the “excellence initiative” (2005-07)

• Julius-Maximillians-University of Munich
• University of Constance

With the Swiss Center of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education (OAQ)

• Graduate institute of international and development studies, Geneva, Switzerland