In BOOKS, Edited Books by Jean-Philippe Boillat

Luc E. Weber and Howard Newby (eds)
Glion Colloquium series, Vol. 11, Geneva, 2018

This volume provides a fascinating perspective on the challenges facing Research Universities worldwide in an increasingly uncertain future. Breakthroughs in science and technology not only impact on the university’s fundamental missions – leaming, scholarship and research – they can inadvertently, with globalization, deepen the <livide between those who take advantage of the breakthroughs and those who are left out – those excluded are increasingly inclined to blame the elites, resulting in the rise of popu­ list politics and growing mistrust of scientific truth. Universities must continue to carry out frontier research and prepare students for a world and labour market that might well be very different in ten years’time. And, more than ever before, universities need to pro­ vide social as well as technical solutions to today’s challenges. If universities are part of the problem, then higher leaming is in a key position to be part of the solution – provided universities respond with insight to the changes and crises of the 21st century.

Two dozen leaders of the world’s most distinguished universities gathered in Glion­ above-Montreux, Switzerland, to consider this challenging combination of strong ten­ dencies and their implications for university strategies, govemance and leadership. The contributors are:

Alain BERETZ General Director at the French Ministry for Research and Innova­ tion, Rebecca BLANK Chancellor University of Wisconsin, Leszek BORYSIEWICZ Vice-Chancellor University of Cambridge, Jean CHAMBAZ President University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI), Tony CHAN President HKUST, Nicholas DIRKS Chancel­ lor UC Berkeley, James DUDERSTADT President Emeritus University of Michigan, Bernhard EITEL President University of Heidelberg, Yves FLÜCKIGER Rector Uni­ versity of Geneva with Pablo ACHARD, Meric GERTLER President University of Toronto, Lino GUZZELLA President ETHZ with Gerd FOLKERS, Tim KILLEEN President University of Illinois System, Jianhua LIN President Peking University, Patrick PRENDERGAST Provost Trinity College Dublin, Atsushi SEIKE President Keio University, Michael SPENCE Vice Chancellor University of Sydney, Chorh Chuan TAN President National University of Singapore, Thiam Soon TAN President Singapore lnstitute ofTechnology, Martin VETTERLI EPFL with Luc HENRY, Bert van der ZWAAN Rector Magnificus University of Utrecht, President LERU.